10 Airport Rules that everyone must follow

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Security Check: Follow instructions, remove liquids and electronics, place in bins. Prepare for body scan or pat-down if required. 


Boarding Pass: Keep your boarding pass and ID ready for security and boarding procedures. 


Baggage Limits: Adhere to weight and size restrictions for checked and carry-on luggage. 


Passport and Visa: Have valid travel documents, passport, and visa as needed for your destination 


Gate Arrival: Arrive early at your gate for boarding announcements; gates close well before departure 


Seatbelt Fastening: Always fasten seatbelt during takeoff, landing, and when instructed by the crew. 


Electronics Use: Switch off electronics during takeoff and landing; use airplane mode when allowed. 


Cabin Crew Instructions: Follow crew directions for safety, comfort, and meal services. 


Emergency Procedures: Pay attention to safety demonstrations; locate nearest exits and life vests. 


Customs Declaration: Declare items as required; know the limits on duty-free items and restricted goods. 


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